Mehndiratta Hospital is more than 23 years old Institution housed in the heart of Ambala City.
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Our Services

MEHNDIRATTA HOSPITAL is now having a new ultramodern four story building in front of the old hospital.

It is the first fully centrally Air Conditioned Hospital in the region with 30 indoor beds including well furnished private and deluxe rooms.

Three Dedicated Operations Theaters with clean laminar air free technology with micro hepa filters to reduce the risk of infection and with latest life saving equipments. Fully equipped ICU with central Oxygen supply, Ventilator, Defibrillators, Infusion pumps and monitors.


Latest STRYKER Arthroscopy system

The best treatment option for sports injuries/twisting injuries of knee like torn meniscus and ligament tears..

Mobile X-Ray Machine

Digital Radiography System

the first one to be installed in HARYANA to get crystal clear X-Ray images for details of fractures and other injuries and diseases of bones and joints


Mobile X-Ray Machine

Two C-ARM image intensifiers for precision setting of fractures during operations and plaster casting.
Laboratory with Auto analyzers.
Free nutritious food for indoor Patients.
Facilities of Basement parking, Canteen, Pantry, Laundry,General Store and chemists.

Mobile X-Ray Machine

Joint Replacement Centre

This is run by a team of experienced doctors and staff with a perfect opertion theater, ICU, Indoor and physiotherapy.
Best quality joints are implanted as per the needs of the patients to provide best possible results.

Knee Replacement

which is the ultimate treatment for painful arthritis of knee.


Hip Replacement

for damaged hip joint.



Shoulder and Elbow Replacement

for fractures which cannot be set or for painful stiffness of these joints.


Spinal disorder clinic

Operative and non operative treatment for problems like neck pain, back pain, disc prolapse, sciatica and infective disorders.


Fractures services

Fractures,trauma and accident services

24 hour Emergency services for fractures, dislocations, soft tissue injuries sustained in road side accidents, industrial accidents, Agriculture farm injuries and sports injuries.


Sports injuries

Sprains and Strains of knee, ligament tears, Meniscus tears. Operations with minimum cuts with latest Stryker Arthroscopy system.


Special Surgeries

Besides routine regular surgeries special procedures are done, e.g. Leg lengthening, Illizarov and rail fixator applications, deformity correction.

Correction of congenital and development defects in children.

Reconstruction surgeries in post polio problems.

Plastic and Cosmetic surgery.